Testimonial Section

“Darin is an inspiration in so many ways! His classes are full of energy and fun.  He lightens you up and makes you smile even in the hardest pose, including handstand.  He is a very physically strong teacher and his practice is fun and engaging.  His sequences and asanas are very intelligently designed to work with injuries and help build strength.  He has an amazing tough and his adjustments are always spot on, helping to deepen your practice.  Most importantly, he has a very big and compassionate heart with touches you very deeply.”

—– Inessa Dvizova, London, United Kingdom

“Darin, aka DC’s delightful BadYogi, is one of the most incredible teachers I’ve encountered in my 10 years of yoga practice. His warmth, humor and expertise make it easy to take on challenging poses and push my boundaries to try new things (handstands!).  In a Bad Yogi class, it’s easy to open your heart, get out of your head, and actually practice yoga.”

—– Nicolette Meuller, Washington, DC  United States

“I have been taking Darin’s classes since 2013. I look forward every week to his great combination of knowledge, humor and caring. His instruction is always clear, balanced  and creative. These days when many instructors seem to phone it in, Darin’s classes are different every time. As someone who gets bored with exercise quickly, I find each of his classes a challenge.”
—– Susan A Vallon, Washington, DC United States
I had some bodywork sessions with Darin to heal an old injury and the resultant surgical scar. Honestly, I had convinced myself years ago that it would never be completely “normal”, and I had learned how to ignore that part of my body. But Darin sensed that this injury that I had come to accept as a mild nuisance and inconvenience was capable of becoming whole. He approached our sessions with presence, compassion, and the utmost care, and helped me uncover and heal the old stories and wounds that were stored in that scar.
—–Alaina Gilchrist, Los Angeles, CA United States

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