Just a yogi on my journey and proud papa to the bulldog, Beatrix.  The biggest thing you can learn right now is that our paths are often difficult, never perfect, and always an adventure.

I am a Forrest Yoga Guardian and owner of Dragon’s Breath Yoga in Washington, DC.  I completed the Forrest Foundation training in September 2014.  I have assisted Ana Forrest during the Foundation Training in Chicago, 2015, Peterborough, UK 2016, and Berlin 2017, and Ft Worth 2018; the Forrest Yoga Advanced training in Calgary 2017, Capetown 2017, and Seattle 2018; and look forward to assisting her more in the future.  I completed my FY Guardian training in March, 2018.

My yoga practice philosophy – combine elements of fun and fear with a dedication to my mat; hold no judgement; believe in self.  Fun brings us back to the practice on a regular basis and fear teaches us most about ourselves.

My path to yoga began years ago to help athletic recovery.  After life threw a detour in my path, I began to realize and appreciate the mental and emotional impact regular practice has on a student.  Forrest specifically helped me to find my breath and use that power to begin healing myself.  I believe that we can all be teachers in life if we just take moment to pause, to reflect, and to breathe.

“Bad yogi” is the path that acknowledges we are not perfect, and that’s pretty cool.  Want to be a bad yogi with me?  Ask how.

I also read Tarot for people.  And am creating a scheduling option for anyone interested to experience the magick of the cards.

If you’re on a social media platform – follow me @darin_d_yoga on Instagram, @badyogidc on Twitter, or like my page on Facebook.


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