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So obviously, I’m blogging.

Because that makes sense, right?  Because that means you, the reader, will take some nugget of wisdom I hope to share and put the fire out.

That’s bullshit.

I’m writing because I need to give a name to what I’m feeling – I’m scared.  So scared right now.  And not just from health repercussions of the coronavirus.

I’m scared because it’s not just me anymore.  I have a studio.  A community.  Teachers.  All of whom I need to support and I’m learning rather quickly that “holy shit this is new territory.:”

One of my gifts is pushing through.  I’m really good at getting things done.  But that’s always been tested for myself and myself alone.  I’m now testing it for a web of people that are leaning on me for guidance, support, grounding, and hope.  And parts of me are afraid I can’t push through.

But go back up to the word ‘web.’  I’m realizing I’m not alone.  That I have a web of people around the world that support me, are cheering for me, will allow me to lean on them, and will continue to prove to me DAILY why it’s so worth pushing through.

I push through.  That’s one of my gifts.  And I’m about to push with ease.

To those that see themselves as part of my web, thank you.  Your support means more to me than the spaces between the stars.