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Late to posting this.  I’m not sure “better late than never” will cover me on this one but here we go.

I’ve been sitting a lot around the words intentions vs. resolutions this year.  It’s been a fascinating place to hang out.  Resolution is the noun form of the verb resolve.  And that’s where I’ve been starting.

I resolve problems; fix things that are broken; correct a wrong.  And when we’re planning out best life, starting from a place where we project that we are broken doesn’t feel healthy.  Which is what resolutions often time try to do.  We set resolutions around our fitness; weight; drinking; eating; or other area.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to improve our overall health.  But I don’t think we should start from a “broken” place.

That’s where intentions come in.  Intention is a more free word, because it creates a path forward.  It looks at how we want to be in the future.  And it allows for moments of weakness/falling back even when we are still moving forward.  When we falter with an intention, it’s a powerful time to reset where we are RIGHT NOW.  And allows the growth to continue with new lessons and new compassion.

I also think intention setting tackles more of the ‘how do I want to be’ better.  It’s an actionable noun – meaning we take steps daily to move forward to the intention itself.  While you may have already started (and potentially stopped) a resolution this year, what if the framework is changed?  Ask the question: How do I want to be on December 31, 2020?  And begin to live toward that.