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Introducing Darin 4.0.  This upgrade to 3.16 has all of the Darin features we’ve grown to love but some new, enhanced skills taking root.

I choose who gets my power; they don’t get to take it from me.

  • This is a big one for me.  I tend to give myself quickly and almost fully to friends and family when they’re in need of help; when they seek connection.  And quite frankly, it can and has worn me out.  This isn’t to say I won’t be there for them when they need me; it’s more saying I’ll hold my ground and take time away if I don’t feel reciprocation in the energy.

I’m working on letting go, so that I can let in more Beauty

  • Another big one.  For me, the lesson isn’t about only offering forgiveness, but stepping into a space of non-attachment for the situation/person.  It’s letting go that event, that moment, so that I can create more space for new moments.

You either get it or you don’t.  And I won’t spend time/energy trying to convince you.

  • This one will be tough.  The world, this country, our people as a whole are completely broken.  We say things on social media attacking others.  We defend individuals for not caring about the greater healing we all need.  And we choose to literally turn away and believe what we want when the world is on fire.  My passions run deep for doing the right thing.  My passions for defending those that cannot defend themselves burn white hot.  But I’ll be choosing where and how to direct that fire.  It’s no longer about changing the minds/thoughts others may have; I want to change hearts.  And I’m definitely starting with my own heart.

We (I) can do better (more)

  • I don’t know what this one means just yet.  But it feels really important.  I don’t know how it works with the others, but like I said, it feels really important.  Step one for me is always feeling the human.  And from there, I don’t know.  Offer kind gestures, words.  Understand that they’ve been hurt/burned/have trauma (more than likely) too.  And to not let my trauma step in and protect me from them.  Because that doesn’t end well for anyone.

Power.  We all have it.  We all get to choose how to use it.  Your turn.