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Ok, I’ll be honest.  I specifically only put blogs out when I’m feeling them in my heart and in my voice.  I want to work on that more this month and write more.  So if you’re reading this and want me to write about a topic – family and bad yogi friendly – comment below or message me and I’ll see what I can do.

I spent the last two weeks of April immersed in training for myself and this month’s intentions involve some of my key take aways.  Many of these take aways include becoming more comfortable in my own skin – as a teacher, a student, a human.

One of the biggest things I’m working on and playing with is shifting out of old habits and patterns that no longer serve me and feeling for what does.  It’s so far been a lot of catching myself, stopping myself, feeling what I was about to say/do, and then changing the direction.  It’s been fun to feel the smaller shifts in how I see and feel the world and myself.

I’ll end it here – brief but to my point.  As always feel free to play along or share you intentions.  Where you want to be starts with where you are.