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I heard the Phil Collins song “Against all odds” randomly play on my phone this week.  That line – take a good look at me now – resonates with me so strongly.

Five years ago today, I scattered Mike’s ashes.  In a place known only to me, the vicinity known to a few others, I said good bye. His death – and more importantly my reaction to it – initiated every step on my path since then.  Yoga saved me – more specifically Forrest Yoga saved me.  Not many know how dark I went after Mike’s death.  But I went there.  I tried to numb out.  I tried to hide.  But here I am.

Take a look at me now.  I’m different.  I’m stronger.  I like to think I’m wiser.  I’ve stepped into being the dragon that the universe saw me being when I was born.

Take a look at me now.  I’m learning my worth doesn’t come from external forces but it’s something I carry within myself.

Take a look at me now.  My light, and the light I share with those of my choosing, is mine.  End of statement.

Take a good look at me now.  This is my life.  My path.  My magick.  I’m beginning to be more and more unapologetically me.  And that, to me, has so much power.  I’m mending the hoop of my own healing now.  When I work from a place of fulfillment, my students/teachers/friends/family feel it.