I’ve been quiet lately, full of introspection, and trying to maintain my sense of peace.  The election was yesterday; we woke today to a new path forward for this country, one that I am unfortunately not surprised by.  I felt it on the wind a few weeks ago and I’ve quietly sat with that information.  I’ve gone through the stages of grief – anger, denial, more anger, confusion, acceptance, and did I mention anger?  The President-elect, in his campaign, has exposed layers of hate and intolerance that I had hoped didn’t exist; while he proved me wrong in their revelation, he won’t keep me down.

My intention this month really took form yesterday.  To “be my own…”  To be my own light; hope; love; kindness; compassion.  And from me becoming that for myself, I can better become that for someone else who needs it.  I think the strongest two of these are hope and kindness.  When we heal as a nation, it’ll be from those two words.

So what can I do?  I had a conversation with my sister tonight (well, two sisters, but I’m only referencing one – sorry JP).  She pointed out how last week, on a really bad day, anger got the better of me and I put energy out to the universe (my translation) that I didn’t need to send.  I’m not proud of that moment.  But I’m striving to correct it.

I hope that the new administration realizes – they serve us all, even those that didn’t vote for them; I hope that my rights to love and to marry are not taken; I hope that women can still choose for themselves; I really hope friends of various ethnicities can begin to feel safer; and I hope that we all begin to see each other, to speak with each other, and to accept each other.

I want to be kind to all – especially those that may not agree with me politically.  I want to be kind to myself – anger will win sometimes (that’s the dragon within) and that’s ok.  As long as I don’t direct my fire and hold space for myself, that will pass; it always does.

Mending the Hoop of the People is serious business.  But I believe in it with every fiber of my being.  I mess up, but I stand back up and fight for what’s right.  I don’t think I’m alone.  Who wants to “be their own…” and join me to #riskchangingourworld?