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I’ve been sitting on this blog for awhile.  Thoughts have been churning in my head, but nothing felt authentic.  I’m not really sure yet where this tale will lead so this may be a part 1.  But there’s a message in here that’s aching to be let out.

There is much darkness in the world.  Violence.  Hate.  Death.  As a human, I should feel that it impacts me.  As a yogi, I want to change it.  The dragon fire in me wants fairness, equality, and opportunity for all.

The thought that’s been playing through my mind for a couple of weeks has been how can we outshine the darkness?  That thought is followed pretty closely by wondering if that’s even possible.  Namaste, the phrase we say at the end of classes ~ meaning the light in me honors the light in you ~ seems to be losing some of it’s luster.

One of the Four Pillars of Forrest Yoga is Spirit.  Whether you call it spirit, soul, light, or other word, it’s lives in each of us.  One of the biggest detriments of today’s always connected world is that we’re actually going the other way and we’ve lost connection to self.  And from that, to others.  Think – when was the last time you phoned instead of texted; mailed a letter instead of emailed; or invited for coffee instead of liking a photo on Instagram?

When we connect to our own spirit, we want to connect to other spirits.  We build community.  We heal.  As a people, we can be cruel.  But we can also show great compassion.  But we cannot show compassion to another until we show kindness to ourselves.

Stay tuned, October 1 is coming up.  The intention I’m setting for the month is spirit focused with double emphasis on community and kindness.  And I hope you’ll play along.