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I celebrated my birthday yesterday.  Today was the first or second (depending on the math you subscribe to) day of my 44th year on this planet.  There’s a theme coming up frequently for me in my journaling, in my practice, and in where I feel my path is leading.

Connection.  Actual, human connection.  I’m very much being pulled to being with others and more to avoiding less than direct modes of interacting.  This pull to connection is coming from something greater – I’m seeking community.  To be part of.  And that’s the tough part.

I’ve made a point of isolating myself as a means of protection for a few years.  I’ve very specifically interacted when I felt safe.  But I can’t do just that anymore.  Think to those relationships that you value above and how you feel connected to the person (people).  The power of the phoenix is strong around me now and I take that to mean that I’m about to burn through my old habits of isolation and reach out.  Often.

I don’t know yet what that looks or feels like.  But I know that it brings us all closer.  It will connect me with friends, family, yogis, and other and help me to see the humanity in each of us.  Hopefully our paths will cross frequently.  And hopefully, you’ll take any connection you have with me and connect with someone else.

Community.  Connection.  Compassion.  Three words that are each individually powerful.  But when we combine, how much can we change ourselves?  And the world?