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It’s September 1.  And a new moon.  And a lunar eclipse apparently.  Basically, a really powerful time to set a really strong, really life-changing intention.  But why?  Aren’t intentions reserved for the yoga mat or New Year’s?  And don’t they normally relate to tapping into inner strength that we didn’t know we had?  Maybe.

I set a monthly intention.  That intention may or may not include an on the mat time intention.  The first of every month, I pause and I reflect/feel my way – where have I come?  and where do I want to go?  A monthly intent is literally the opportunity for me to become or step closer to becoming the person I think I should be.  Some months, the steps are small.  Others, they’re a bit bigger.

This month, I want to work with gratitude.  Not taking for granted moments of Beauty.  Understanding every day that I am one lucky man – my career is what I love and I know I’m lucky.  I’ve had the jobs previously that I did because they paid the bills or I liked my co-workers.  This one, this teaching yoga, everything about it I love.  So I’m stepping into a version of myself that sees.  That understands.  And that feels.

I’m surrounded every day by people that choose to take class with me.  I get to pull my own mat out and work on poses or issues that have been coming up for me.  And I get to call myself a yogi.  To be honest, I don’t know exactly what it means most days but I get that it means I’m going to treat myself respectfully and treat you the same.  If you follow me on any social media, expect a lot of thankful posts.  If you don’t follow me, um,,,,,@badyogidc on Twitter and Instagram.  And I encourage you to play along…what are you thankful for? Every. Fucking. Day.  As in, look for things that make you light up.  That’s my month ahead.  Consider this – challenge thrown.  Will you accept?