I tell anyone that will listen – I love what I do.  I teach yoga.  More specifically, I teach Forrest Yoga, a method and approach that resonates DEEPLY within my entire being.  I tell people all the time that when I took my Forrest Yoga Foundation Training two short years ago, the universe took notice.  And I believe that.

I got back earlier this week from assisting the Foundation Training that finished recently in Peterborough, UK.  And as I slowly returned to my home, my teaching schedule, and my time zone, the universe was still active in my life.

I taught twice today at the Yoga Expo DC.  That alone was pretty fucking cool.  But I also got to introduce more than 60 students to the practice that drives my own.  And I had so much fun doing it.  I ended the day teaching my regular Saturday evening class at a studio (more on this to come.)  Randomly enough, I got two emails from students asking when they could see me again.

During the studio class, I told the students very honestly that connection to students, to my own spirit, and then see students make the same connection is why I love to teach.  Well, one of the reasons anyway.  But today was all about connection – to self; to others; to the universe; to love.

Today was a really GREAT day.  And there’s more to come.   But for right now, on a Saturday night when I’m ready to find a book and read myself to sleep, I honor authentic connection.  Those moments when my spirit sees your spirit and we all grin.