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There was another mass murder shooting spree this past weekend.  I’m still trying to figure out how this shit keeps happening.  I’m growing tired.  I’ve grown tired of the same tired arguments being marched out, changing no one’s mind, and status quo remaining the same.  But this shooting – it was different.  The murderer was homophobic, taking out his discomfort with gays at a gay night club.  He saw two men kissing and was pushed to this extreme.  It’s hitting me personally.  While I so far know none of the victims personally, I have friends that did.

The media and politician are currently  rushing to blame a terror group I won’t name here with some out right denying where this violence with a gun happened.  It happened at a gay club.  Filled with hundreds of people invoking their right to happiness.  The gun fire was specifically targeted to one place – a gay bar.  This. Was. A. Hate. Crime.

I’m adding my voice to the chorus shouting the names of the victims.  As a gay male, these strangers are my family.  We are bound over the link of being ostracized, the fear of being disowned, and being told we don’t deserve the same rights as straight allies.  The environment has been ripe for some time for a mass murder of gays.  By a person of <insert the name of any organized religion here> faith.  The LGBTQ community has been consistently targeted, discriminated against, held down, pushed back, punched, kicked, spit on, condemned, etc.  And this gay man has had enough.

Churches and ministers point out “our sin” while forgetting they aren’t the judge.  Bakeries are denying us cake.  CAKE!  Because we’ll ruin marriage.  Side note – I think the around 50 percent divorce rate in this country has fucked marriage up pretty good.  Stores that support LGBTQ rights are hit with campaigns to avoid the store until the store practice of seeing humans as <gasp> humans is changed.  It’s the family member that won’t come to a gay wedding because two men kissing.  The LGBTQ community can still be legally fired in this country for being LGBTQ.  Most in the community have an awareness to surroundings just in case someone decides to get violent or verbally assault us – these things happen daily.

There are over 100 families right now impacted by the events.  Lives changed.  Lives stolen.  My daily intention yesterday was to connect with my spirit.  I did.  And when I did, I felt more human.  So you, reader, take a breath to you heart right now.  Feel the pulse.  In there is your spirit.  Reach out.  And feel the world differently.  Connection.  The one thing every person at Pulse was looking for, not realizing how their lives would be forever intertwined.