I have to admit something here – this is not my first blog.  I’ll pause while folks pick up their mouths from disbelief.  My first blog is more personal and about recovery/steps forward from a life that I remember well.  And I do not use it much – because I’m not really the man I was when I started it.  The link below will take you there if you want to check it out, but as I thought about that blog tonight and if I want to keep it active or discontinue it, I read some posts.

And the post “Frozen Cheese” stopped me in my tracks.  Not because of the title or the content.  But because I still have that cheese, in my freezer.  I see it every time I get ice or food.  And every fucking time, I smile.  Because it reminds me of a time when I was unsure and a student (that I became a student with) walked into my life.  It reminded me of how far I’ve come,,,,and far I have yet to go.

My path, this journey, that I’m on is crazy exciting.  I see and feel such big things ahead that I can’t believe I’m still at a point when I’m figuring out where my path is leading.  Short answer is I don’t know.  Long answer is that I think it’s time that I start the shift in myself.  And to step into the future self I saw and hang out with on a beach in Hawaii.

In my journals, I frequently write about finding who I am in the greater world of yoga and what my place is.  I’m a little fish in a medium pond so to speak.  But that cheese is a frozen reminder – I touch lives daily and those lives touch me in return.  It’s the four ladies that went to my downtown DC class on a holiday not for the yoga only, but because I was teaching it.  It’s the teachers that I respect and hold in their space, knowing that regardless of our training, we are each on a path.  I think of the Forrest tribe in DC, growing as I type this.  And I’m humbled in each situation.

Who am I?  I’m a man, on my path, standing in strength from the lessons I’ve learned, and looking toward the sun.  Who’s with me?