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Not really sexy, huh?  But I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks and I want to let everyone know I’m still here, I’m still teaching, and I’m still loving every second of it.  I think there’s a moment in most everyone’s life when we go inward and stop looking outside.  I took a yoga bodywork training taught by two of my best friends and mentors, along with an amazing cast/crew of yogis, magicians, wolves, unicorns, fairies, and other.

And honestly surprising to me – some big shit came out of me.  I’m still processing it.  It feels so right now that the only way I’ve been able to work through is by looking at me, by feeling me, and by focusing on my own needs.  It sounds selfish but really isn’t.  Imagine if we all think we’re worth it.  Working through crap that holds us back and allows a better version of self to step in.

My spirit has called this the lull before the storm.  I feel strong.  It’s been a weird week with daily intentions set around how I see myself and from that, allow others to see me.  To those that were in Asheville with me – wow, no words.  I’m so humbled to think of the space you held for me.  When you all want some light, let me know.  I’ll gladly shine it your way.  And more specifically, speaking to a few of you — JT, BC, AD, CR, RV, KWV, CT, LR, and to EW — you all saw and felt.  And yet you still held me up.  Hopefully our paths continue to cross and I can be of service to you as well.

There’s another point coming out here – we are human.  Because we care for and connect with others.  Find not only the love but the lightness in everyone you meet.  Change your world by actually interacting with the person in front of you.  There’s a new bad yogi coming.  Focused on helping all of us to heal.  And not caring what we heal from.  #Aho!