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My right eye started irritating me yesterday.  What I thought started as a piece of dust turned into full blown itching and some pain.  I told a friend about it and she (snarkily?) asked me what my book said about it.  The book in reference is an energetic medical book with too many conditions to count and the energetics behind each.  So far, that book has been spot on accurate for me, her, and a few other friends.

So I looked today at eye ailments and most specifically, the right eye.  And those issues of the right eye deal with how we see the world – namely how we’ve grown frustrated to sad to angry about injustices, cruelty, and the state of humanity.

The book was right again.  I’m deeply saddened by the state of humans and that sadness is turning into anger.  It’s the presidential race where candidates are being disrespectful not to their opponents but to entire segments of the population; it’s friends that talk behind backs in ways that are fitting not even any real housewife; it’s religious individuals taking aim at other religions or people because they are different; and it’s even happening in yoga, where some students and teachers of a certain practice think their way is the only way to samedhi, or bliss.

I’m hoping that by voicing my truth, my eye will ease up on the pain.  And that we can start proudly holding up things we learned as kids – to play nice and with fairness; to hold hands when crossing the street; to laugh from a place of joy and not contempt; and to see other people for who they really are — another human.  Living, breathing.  With each of use looking for our own path to happiness.