I taught a Forrest Yoga Basics workshop today at Buddha B Yoga (BBY), one of the studios at which I regularly teach.  I actually have two Beauty reports to share and they both are moments of me today.  Ironically, today’s intent was to love myself, flaws and all.

1- Almost four years ago, I went to BBY on a search for my happy and thought yoga might help; the Groupon deal that got me to the studio helped as well.  It was here I took my first Forrest Yoga class with Abby.  I didn’t know ANYTHING about Forrest Yoga, but the website said it was heated.  As I sat on my mat in a back row and she set the intent, I felt it land.  In my heart.  So I did what any yogi would do – I opened my eyes and looked at her; she was looking right back at me.  I was hooked.

Today, as I was setting up the for the workshop, that moment came racing back to my mind.  It was surreal.  And it felt full circle.  The Forrest Yoga path I started out on years ago is moving forward and it felt really, really nice to bring it back to the studio I called my first studio home.  I shared the moment with the class and then shared the four pillars of Forrest Yoga – breath, strength, integrity, and spirit.  And then added the element of Ceremony as the unofficial fifth.  Each time we come to the mat, it’s a ceremony with ourselves and should be honored with the other four pillars.

2- I’m pretty type A; I have a fire inside that pushes me to succeed; I’m also from the corporate world where success is in the numbers.  And I was afraid my workshop would underperform (by corporate standards).  That’s shit thinking.

I love to teach.  I love my Forrest practice.  And I love sharing Forrest Yoga and doing my part to mend the hoop.  Today, in a class I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fully show up for, I not only showed up, but I also showed myself.  And it scared the shit out of me.  I shared how my life was thrown off the rails four years ago and it was with Forrest Yoga I actually began to find my happy.  Each student not only saw my heart, but felt my heart.  Things that my mentors, family members, other teachers, and friends have said to me over the past few years came back to me – and I saw the future self that I’ve been working so hard to become walk into the room and assume the role.  This is my bad yogi path – I’m not perfect.  No one is.  But it’s one hell of a journey, isn’t it?