Each morning as I eat breakfast, I make a to do list and then ask my spirit what we should work on today.  Some days, the answer that comes back is obvious – I have yet to NOT kill anyone on the days with an intent to not kill.  Today, I asked and saw the words write themselves on the paper to “Look back, but step forward.”

Immediately, I was lost.  In the most simplest of manners to take that words, we are each building our futures on who we were yesterday; noted.  That still felt weird to have as my intent today.  There could be the implication to embrace my future because I’ve been taking steps forward; ok, thanks universe.  <insert ‘thumbs up’ sign here>

I thought briefly about my intent yesterday, to let go, and moved on.  And then moved right back.  It makes so much sense to let go of things that hold me back, that remind me of the dark places I’ve been, or that just make me sad.  Right?

But today the intent is feeling like I need to honor the path behind me – by stepping forward.  Isn’t that the best way to acknowledge where we have been?  Letting go is tough. It’s saying that the past cannot impact us anymore.  That’s obviously wrong.  While letting go of situational emotions can be of benefit, letting go of the situation and forgetting how it shaped us is not.  Moving forward, when something from my past pops up, triggers me, or brings along some other “impact,” rather than thinking “I should be over that by now,” I attempting to think – yep, that happened.  But look at me now.  And tomorrow.