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In Forrest Yoga, we hold ceremony as pretty important and getting on your mat, setting an intention for the practice, is the most common ceremony we all enter.  More “formal” ceremonies include burning of sage, calling in of the Four Directions.  Tonight, after a really great day, I had my first ever end of day thanking ceremony.  While what I spoke of to each direction is on my instagram account (@badyogidc), it was after that I realized just how much we humans desire to connect.

Facing West, I thanked my ancestors for connection to them.  I then tied the connection to the people I interacted with today face to face and via text.  Each moment, when held in passing without thought, was just a moment.  But when I think of connection, they grow much more strong and deep.

I texted a friend and student of mine.  At one point, she said she was looking for her community.  I replied that I felt that being human, being honest, seeking goodness, being a strong woman (among other things) put her into so many groups.  And each of those groups should hold a different connection for her.

I remembered as I was fixing dinner – I’ve been looking for my place in this world.  The “who am I?” question of the ages.  Quite happily, that text came rushing back to me.  I’m human.  I’m a yoga teacher.  I’m a yogi.  I seek Beauty in my days.  I stand in my truth.  I’m a dragon.  A gay male.  Each layer of who we are is just that – a layer.  At the end of the day, we are human.  That human connection is stronger than anything else.  And it should be.

We treat others with little to no regard and it’s hard for me to stomach any news story.  It’s sad.  Humanity.  We all are.  Call it my rose colored glasses but I think we’re better than how we’ve been treating each other.