Vulnerable.  Vulnerability.  These words have been coming up a lot lately in my life.  Granted, I am co-teaching a #RiskBeingVulnerable workshop this weekend and I’m trying to read as much as I can on those words.  While vulnerability is seen as weakness by society as a whole, what if we take the common theme that keeps coming up….

What does it mean to be vulnerable?  Better question, how does it feel?  It’s scary.  It’s hard.  Being vulnerable takes effort.  We as a society tend to see vulnerability as a sign of weakness.  I mean, who’d want anyone else to see our flaws?  With the way that people talk about and to each other, it also means that we risk rejection.  But being vulnerable shouldn’t.

I side with Brene Brown on being vulnerable.  My paraphrase – the risks are great.  But the rewards are even greater.  Allowing yourself to be seen for who you are – HUMAN and with flaws – is courageous.  We can use our own vulnerability to heal ourselves from our pasts.  In fact, being vulnerable is a type of scar tissue; healing. stronger, and tells a story.

I also think there’s a greater reward to being vulnerable.  Connection.  Imagine someone sharing their hurts, their dreams, fears, or story with you in honesty.  And rather than feel disgust or plot to use their words against them, you reach out and you show up for them.  Knowing in that moment – we are bigger, stronger, wiser, and more kind when we are together.