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I teach Forrest Yoga.  I take it very seriously.  During the training, Ana asks us all to take part in her life’s mission – to mend the hoop of the people.  What does that mean?  I’m finding out more and more daily.  We as a people are broken.  Just look at the hate that is the current “Presidential” election cycle and know what I’m talking about.  How do we heal?  How can we help each other and is it naive of me to think I can make a difference?

No, it’s not naive.  It’s optimistic.  I choose to believe that people – at their core – want to lift each other up.  But how do we go about it?  Is there a way that I can heal and you can heal and we can be full, complete humans?  Yes.

We do that by standing.  Next to each other.  Speaking with a friend tonight about our past traumas, the thought hits me….we all have the tendency to go through life thinking we’re alone.  We strive to come back from these traumatic events ON OUR OWN.  We struggle.  We fail.  We get frustrated and wonder how the fuck are we so broken???  Change the “we” to “I” in the above section and know my life.

I’ve learned that my healing isn’t done alone – as much as I think it is.  It’s done because I look to my left and I look to my right and see people – family, friends, teachers, students – standing next to me.  It’s humbling.  But it is also the realization – I’m standing next to them, just as they are to me.

Trauma hits us all.  Regardless of sex, race, orientation, etc.  We are human.  Look left.  Look right.  See the people standing with you.  And know that we all lift each other to up.  It’s an arm around the shoulder support.  So lean on me.  And when I need it, I’ll lean on you.