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“It’s the end of the world as we know it.  And I feel fine.”

No, the world isn’t technically ending.  But remember a few years ago when we learned the Mayans couldn’t carry the one?  I’ve thought about this, spoken about it, and written about it previously, and think I fell upon a healing/restoring force.  But before the force, the backstory.

We all may have grand visions of what the world ending looks and feels like to us.  Think meteors, volcanic eruptions, destruction, and all in all – bad shit.  But what if the world ending isn’t that all encompassing??  What if, every day, in a location on the planet, someone feels like their world ends?  When I lost my best friend, I was shocked when the sun came up the next day.  Shocked.  Think of farmers, whose crops for survival and providing for their families are destroyed by drought or floods.  Think of the family gathering around a child when it’s learned there are complications with an unborn.  How can we go on from this?

Love.  Such a corny answer, huh?  But I speak from experience.  And from observing/feeling around me.  When my life and heart shattered, it was my family and friends that gathered around me to not just tell the sun was rising, but to lift me up with it’s warmth.  Communities in agriculture gather around those in need, providing food, clothing, sometimes money to those that need it with the knowledge that while it’s not required, the same would be done in return.  And it’s the family that draws close, under the protective gaze of the lioness mother to just be together; with a dragon watching and feeling from afar.

We carry on sometimes because human nature dictates that we must.  But more importantly because we have people that lift us and encourage us.  Love.  Kindness.  Hope.  These things we could do with more.  Elevate each other, rather than tear down.  Let’s try it and see what kind of loving shift we can accomplish.