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Here’s the thing about yoga that often times remains unspoken.  Regardless of the style of yoga, reason for coming to the mat, or how you feel off the mat, we all gain one benefit from a regular yoga practice that is quite remarkable – it’s the sense of community.  Connecting so deeply with one or more people for the time on the mat can be an incredibly powerful gift.  From community, we begin to heal.  And when we heal, we are better able to see, feel, and help others.

I primarily practice Forrest Yoga (no surprise there) and use the intensity of the poses with the power of the breath to help heal from traumas I experienced in my life.  We all experience trauma in some way daily (think of a sudden, loud noise and how your body tenses) and some of those events are life altering.  I’m working on a few right now in my own life and in my own body.

Today, while I practiced alongside three incredible women and awesome friends, one of those traumas decided to show up.  While I will not go into those details here, all three know this issue I’m working through.  I asked a question about my third chakra – power, control – and why would it be acting up in a certain pose.  As ‘AD’ had me breathe into the third with softness, it boiled out.  I broke.  I crumpled.  I lost all control of my own breath.  And cried.

Then I felt a hand on my back.  Guiding me not only to breathe, but to stay in body, to not run from this.  And quickly, all three were there.  Stopping their own practices to lend me their strength when I had none, to give me breath to match with my own, and to most importantly, let me know that I was seen and they were not looking away.

This community, this “Forrest Yoga Tribe” that I’m a part of – it’s perhaps one of the best things I’ve got going in my life right now.  And today was a purely magical reminder to me that I’m strong; but when I’m surrounded by those that love me and want only the best for us all, we’re all even stronger.

(and to AD, MB, and AL – thank you each for being there today and for building a wall of protection around me so that I didn’t have to shield myself.  It’s beyond humbling to know that the power you each possess is on the mat next to me.  Aho!)