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Today was one of those days for me.  I was in it.  Though I’m not sure what “it” was.  I was irritable, borderline grumpy to pissed off; I couldn’t focus; my motivation was next to none; and I only wanted to hide in my apartment with my dog.  My day on Tuesday’s ends with a Forrest Yoga class that I love to teach but tonight – before heading to teach, I struggled with finding an intention for the class that resonated with me.

I flipped through “Fierce Medicine.”  I listened to Brene Brown.  And still had nothing that felt right.  As I was commuting to class, with my music on shuffle play, the universe started pointing.  Songs about love, one after another, came into the playing field.  I’ve come to understand when the universe talks to stop and listen so I did.  And still, nothing.

When I got to the studio, the pieces of the puzzle started coming together.  I remembered a line in Ana’s book about our hands being the direct connection to our heart.  Brene spoke about when we show our vulnerability, it’s beautiful.  And then,,,,well, then I saw my day.

Baxter wanted a second walk this morning.  While it took me away from other things I could work on and in the moment I was frustrated, it’s little moments with him that I have left that he shows me happiness.  As I was walking to my noon class, a heron flew over me and I was lucky enough to look up this gracefully majestic bird.  I had lunch with an amazing friend, who, in all of her greatness, went even further beyond the call and made Baxter treats.  And me homemade oreos.  My practice tonight was interesting.  I struggled finding a direction for and even gravity surfing couldn’t light up, caused me to be quiet.  Which I don’t do often.  Each of these moments is a reflection of love in my life.  And for having so much love, I am incredibly fortunate.

My learning – the universe shows us Beauty every day.  On our good days.  On our bad days.  And it’s when we choose to see the Beauty, that the day is changed from bad to good.