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A continuation of me, speaking my truth of what’s happening in my life, on my mat, in my teaching, and other observations.  I’m never sure where my spirit will lead, but it’s leading.  Enjoy.

Death.  It has a funny way of putting things into perspective.  And as I prepare to say goodbye to Baxter, the last death in my life of someone so close keeps popping up.  And I’m already seeing the differences.  With Mike, I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye.  I spoke to him and the same night, he was gone.  I didn’t get a chance to grieve him either. Situations as they were, the traumatic nature of his death, sent his family and I into a tailspin.  A month after his death, on a bench at the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean, with one of my sisters in tow, I mourned.  I cried.  I sat in silence.

With Baxter, I’m preparing.  Pretty sure he’s getting sick of me giving him hugs and kisses when I walk past him, scratching his chin, or doing other annoying things that wake him up.  I’m also remembering a few things about life in general, and it’s from this that my truth comes.

Relationships are important.  They. Are. Crucial.  Read those three words again with that emphasis.  We can isolate all day long but if we don’t acknowledge and support other people, then what are we as a species?  As a Forrest Yoga teacher, I’m called upon to do my part to mend the Hoop of the People.  I’ve always taken it seriously but it has a different priority now.  I want to see people, to be seen by people, and to help people see each other.  Not an easy task.

I’m also remembering something about myself.  I have worth.  A lot of worth.  And I think everyone else does too.  I spoke the truth to someone yesterday and that person hasn’t contacted me since – my truth was simply that I deserved honesty.  Because I do.  While I may have lost a friend, I gained strength.  The power of speaking that truth carried me through the day to my evening class.  And I set the intention to find the truth within each of our spirits.

I also ended class with Beauty.  I had the class in a seeing circle.  To look around, silently acknowledge the beautiful practice of their peers, and to then go inside and honor their own as well.  There was power in that moment.  There was unity.  And an unspoken commitment to hold and support each other.  Because we’re human.  We are a species divided.  But it’s time we unite and learn we have so much strength.