I don’t set resolutions.  I think by their design, we are set up to fail.  We as a people put such a high level of power in achievements, be it to get in shape, stop smoking/drinking, eating differently.  One of the bigger problems I have with resolutions personally is that many of them are selected due to societal pressure.  We need to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and all of that bullshit.

The practice of Forrest Yoga has us feel into our spirit and set an intention.  By connecting where we are going directly to our spirit, we begin to create something within us that’s powerful.  It’s a pact with ourselves.  We set an intention as a guide for the path ahead.  Intentions do not dictate the steps we take, but intentions do influence our choices along the trail.

My intentions for the year ahead revolve around self-improvement, discovery, and living.  More to come I’m sure on each of these throughout the year as I dig deeper and I’ll close with a line from Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” song that fits me well – “I said ‘Hell yeah! This is me, right where I’m supposed to be.'”