It’s December 31, 2015.  As the year comes racing to a close and the New Year looms ahead, this is a time of reflection, of thought, and gratitude.  2015 was a REALLY amazing year for me.  While there are countless people I will inadvertently overlook, here are just some that over this past year have had an astonishing impact on me and my path.

To my Forrest Yoga mentor, Brian Campbell.  You saw me.  And you didn’t turn away.  Thank you so much for encouraging me and supporting me through the year.  When I asked the universe to send me someone to fit my needs (greedy, yes I know), you are the perfect match.  I can’t wait to see what our next few years hold brother.

To my dragon mentor, Jambo Truong.  You are one of the best people I’ve ever met.  And a fucking dragon.  Play time with you is one of those things that I look forward to like nothing else.  You get me on a level most don’t and I love how I just want to laugh with you when we’re together.  Thank you for helping me to step into my skin and be the dragon (man) I’m intended to be.

To my Chicago assisting teammates – Allision, Jerusha, and Guan – thank you all for inspiring me.  You each are so incredibly strong and I saw and learned something from you every day.  Thank you for teaching me, allowing me to ask my crazy ass questions, and for lunch every day.  I’ve been lucky the universe has sent strong women into my life; luckier still I can call you each friend.

Cindee – yep, unicorns are normally lunch.  Thank you for being so amazing.  You inspire me every day, even when we don’t talk.  Your wisdom is crazy appropriate and I am so grateful our hearts are so interconnected we feel each other all the time.  You were my secret buddy but became one of the most powerful voices in my life.  You + me = we got this.

Abby – wow.  Speechless.  You are the reason I discovered Forrest Yoga.  You are a force – do not forget that.  I am beyond honored/humbled you have taken me under your protective wing and am so excited that you know already – my dragon wing protects you wolf.  2016 holds big things.  And as sister/brother, ain’t nothing gonna hold us back.

To the students that have allowed me to guide them for one snippet of time during classes….Wow.  It’s been an incredible year filled with crows, scissors, handstands, and other.  More to come in the next year so let’s hop on this path, grab a mat, and breathe.