I had one of those moments tonight that shook me in an amazing way.  But first, three back stories to catch you up…

I assisted Ana Forrest during a Foundation training in Chicago this year.  To do so, I had to complete a book review list with 18 books, a binder of information, and a few other “homework” items.  In a span of less than two months.  I had days that I was less than motivated.  On those days, I used the song “Shut up and dance (with me)” to remind me why I was doing all of the work.

Earlier today, I had a conversation with another teacher about spirit animals and how magical the crow is and when it makes an appearance, it’s telling us to pay attention.

Today is the winter solstice.  There is much power to tap.

Cut to tonight and a Forrest Yoga class at a gym.  I taught crow (bakasana) and we really broke the pose down.  Students made some incredible progress.  As they were in savasana, that motivating song came on the sound system in the gym outside the studio door.  I have NEVER heard music from the gym in the studio before.  And then it hit me – I had been in a room full of crows.  And it was my time to pay attention.

I’ve told many people that I connected with Forrest Yoga in my first class taking it; I felt it to my core.  The universe aligned entirely to get me into my Foundation training and since then, has acknowledged that with some incredible opportunities.

I’m coming up to a rough time line in my life – the anniversary of the death of my ex is in January; the holidays are this week and next.  While each occasion becomes slightly easier, his presence will be missed tremendously and he’ll be on my mind and in my heart.  I still miss him daily.

But in this moment, tonight, here, now, I know – my path that I’m on is quite frankly beyond amazing.  That’s an understatement.  My light and my dragon are only going to become brighter and stronger.  Connecting with students and helping even just one make a breakthrough is affirmation of my path.  I LOVE what I do.  I love learning about yoga.  I love sharing yoga.  My beauty report is that this is my journey and it’s only getting better.  #thisismytime #thisismyplace.