Interesting title, eh?  I’ve decided to start taking a page out of Forrest Yoga and begin to honor my truths as they arise and share them.  I see it as part of my healing and as part of my journey.  At the end of it, all I can ask is that you feel your way into what I share – sharing truth is scary.  It’s putting this part of me out there that I haven’t let be seen by many.  Without too much further ado, here we go….

There was another mass shooting in the U.S. last week.  And as is often the case, gun rights advocates march onto the airwaves and vocalize one of their primary arguments repeatedly – guns don’t kill.  This phrase is repeated so often, it becomes a sort of running punchline; I’ve heard people say “I left my gun unattended all night and it killed no one.”  Yeah, really not funny.  I’ve heard friends/family say it and have seen it posted on social media.  But there’s a flaw in the argument most people don’t recognize.

Imagine telling a parent, whose child will not be getting off the school bus today, that guns don’t kill.  Picture the face of the child you tell, just after they’ve been told their mother or father won’t return home from the office party.  Feel the horror on the face of the teen whose date didn’t leave the movie alive.

Don’t know any of those people?  Then tell me.  But tell me to my face.  Tell me that a gun didn’t kill my best friend.  My situation is different than those above and I call him an asshole every day.  However, say the words guns don’t kill (like they have been numerous times already) and my response isn’t whole hearted agreement.  I bite my lips.  I take a breath.  I’ll lower my head and turn away, so you won’t see me cry.

Because guns kill friendship.  They kill hope.  Futures.  Love.  Guns kill intangibles that are measured beyond human life.  A gun killed a part of me that I’m still trying to recover.  So can we begin to retire that phrase now and understand – guns kill.