Happy November 1!  I’m not really sure where October went but my calendar magically flipped over to the new month.  As the first of the month, I’m setting my monthlong intention and sharing it very publicly for the world to see.

November is going to be a month of introspection.  I’m going to go inside and see who I am – hoping that I like what I see or have the courage to change what I don’t.  I have some pretty big things that in my opinion, are still holding me back from living fully, being the teacher I see in my future, and becoming the guy that I want to date.

I wouldn’t be lying even a little bit when I say – I’m a bit scared.  And already have had thoughts about changing my intent this month.  That would be avoidance.  And if Forrest Yoga has taught me anything, it’s to no be scared to stalk those issues that hold me back but to get curious.

So while I know the root cause of my heart being in a box (another soon to come blog), I have no idea how to start opening that box.  I also hear that jerk of a critic in my head regularly and I want to figure out how to shut him up.  I know I have triggers.  I know I have some avoidance tendencies but I’m putting them in the past.  Hopefully.

This month, it’s about growth.  It’s about seeing my future self.  And owning the fact that he’s already here but my past self keeps shutting him down.  So keep watching this space – I’ll try and be more vocal about what I’m going through, as long as it’s authentic.  Join me in the intent, even if it’s just working on one thing that you want to change.  And let’s see if by November 30, we all make significant strides forward on this hike called life.