Ana Forrest has as one of her biggest focus points to mend the hoop of the people.  I think that this is an amazing thing to work on and I’ve been slowly, in my own little world, working to mend the hoop.  One of the areas I personally think the hoop is broken is in human interaction.  We spend so much time on the social media and on texts that it’s time something begins to shift and we all make small changes….

Last weekend, I taught my usual four classes on Saturday – two vinyasa, two Forrest Yoga.  And all four classes had something happen that has taken me a few days to think about, process, and appreciate.

After every class, students stayed behind.  What started with one student in the first class talking to me about how much she loves DC changed to five students waiting after class to talk about mats and lunch and the gym.  The following classes had students wanting to talk both about a pose and to just hang out.  I honestly didn’t think much about any of these interactions.

Until it hit me – in this little corner of DC, there is a community growing.  Of students that want to connect with other students; wanting to connect to a teacher (so humbled that it’s me); but most importantly humans, who for a few moments, just want to be seen.

It’s an amazing thing to watch happen.  I really do think that I’ve been blessed in my life that I love my job so much!  But I also love these little “aha” moments that allow me to see students seeing each other.  And when we walk away, we’re all human.  Aho.