<<<note to reader: I don’t think this is all I have or want to say.  #staytuned.

I had a moment during a class today.  As I was offering the class a meditation and giving suggestions on how they could go inward but still maintain an awareness to the world/room around them, I stopped talking to the students and my words came out for me.  I don’t do a guided meditation often but the energy of the class today was incredibly grounded and I wanted to give them space to tap into that ground.

I had students breathe into their surroundings with their eyes closed.  Feeling for the breath, the vibrations in the floor, the sounds of the street and outside, and for the light on their eyelids.  When I began speaking of the light, the words began to hit me.

We all have a light within; depending on your belief system, it’s your soul or your spirit or something similar in concept.  As I was feeling my way into my own light, I began to realize how frequently and purposefully we all dim our own shine.  We dim our light because we don’t want to appear conceited; because we don’t think we are worthy enough to shine; or because we are afraid of what the light shows.  Those are just a few of my reasons and I’m sure there are thousands more out there.

I’ve been reading a lot lately for my Forrest Yoga certification level 2 and everything I’m reading and writing about is leading me to this point (cover your eyes for profanity) – who the fuck cares because it’s my light?  I have scars.  And I’m sure I’ll get more.  I have imperfections.  And I don’t want to be perfect.

But my light shares my story.  I’m a survivor.  I’m strong.  And I’m bright.  I challenge anyone reading this right now – change the story of your light from hiding it to blasting it on full beams.  We all have a life force within us and if we are to come together and actually do good, we all need to realize we’re shiny.  I’m going to work on my shine – of not being afraid of it; of not shifting it away from me; but sharing with others as well.  I’ve been aware that my light is strong for a long while now.  And so is yours.  Let’s go shine….together.