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Those are very powerful words.  Most yogi’s stay away from speaking as though they have an ego (they do), that they are proud of themselves (they are), or that they haven’t come a long way on their path (because why?).  While the topic of ego is best saved for another day, let’s talk about being worthy.

Honest answer – I have no idea what that means.  But I’m trying.  I carry with me a past history that can be seen as tragic in nature.  And lays on me levels of guilt I cannot even describe.  That guilt rolls into everything I do – I feel guilty when I’m happy; I feel guilty when I walk my dog; I feel guilt when my future is so bright; I feel guilt.  And guilt weighs me.

In my Forrest Foundation Training, Ana Forrest sat next to me one morning and we had a conversation while the class was doing wrist stretches.  She told me things that I’m sure multiple friends and family had wanted to tell me for three years but no one could for fear my dragon would burn them.  It would have.  I was at a point with Ana and I was ready.

So let’s think about those words.  I am worthy.  That’s become my current mantra.  Every time doubt creeps in, I remind myself that I am worthy.  Every time guilt raises its fucking ugly head, I say those words.  And each time I think about being happy, about being in love, and even (gasp) about marrying the man that I love, I tell myself.  I’m worthy of all of that and so much more.

And I think you are too.  How many times a day do we self sabotage?  Why do we hold ourself back from something good/challenging/amazing?  Because the opposite phrase rings true to us – I am worthless.  I only offer that phrase because I want to challenge everyone – family/friends/students/teachers to begin to see their own value.  And to shout about it from the roofs.  Because we all are – worthy.  Now breathe that power in.