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I taught tonight.  If you follow me, you already know that.  My intention setting for class was going to be about finding and tapping into the happiness around DC right now (gay marriage bans ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court).  But then something else took over.

I’m fiery.  I love bright, spicy, hot.  My spirit animal, the dragon, felt like coming out.  So I let her (or him).  It connected with the class STRONGLY, so I thought I’d share it here…

There is so much hate in the world.  Too much.  Hate on top of hate, only creates more hate.  What happens if we reply with love?  Or compassion?  Why do we continue to play a game that creates anger, hostility, and negative?  Let’s pretend for a moment there is an organization (there is) that takes cardboard signs with hateful messages to funerals (they do).  And let’s say hundreds or thousands of people show up to prevent those messages being seen by those in mourning.  Media reports on these people as “counter protesters.”  But what happens when we change the words – instead, let’s imagine the hundreds of people that showed up to show support to a soldier.  Can you feel the difference?  The heart, this organ that is capable of so much, craves that spark.  And we typically feed it with the opposite of compassion.

What happens when we cross over to the love side?  Instead of inviting anger, hostility, resentment, or <insert negative emotion here>, wouldn’t we show what it’s actually like to be human.  And this goes for everyone – race, orientation, religion, gender, etc…Legitimately, all it takes is love.

As a teacher of Forrest Yoga, I hold strongly the conviction to help Mend the Hoop of the People.  I’m getting started here.  Just as there can be no hate where there is love, there can be no dark where there is light.  Go, shine.  Heal.  Aho!