and my light is just starting to burn.

As my welcome home to everyone else, I thought I’d write up a quick little entry about my last four days.  I finished my Forrest Yoga (FY) mentorship program with FY Guardian Brian Campbell and three amazing yoginis.  Each day we began with FY Ceremony, an intensive and a so SWEATY class led by Brian, and many opportunities for us to work with Brian 1×1 and in the group learning assists, sequencing, seeing others, and allowing ourselves be seen.

While this chapter in my training is complete, the fire within me – the dragon – wants more.  I can’t wait to share with my students in DC what I’ve learned, in both Forrest and Vinyasa classes.  I am excited to step into my future, not with hesitance, but with a proud (yes, I said it), confident energy.

We ended the weekend with a gratitude circle and I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on gratitude with you.  Having a mentor that loves his craft (in this case, yoga and bodywork) and is willing to not only share but lift us up,,,,well, it’s beyond powerful.  To have the support of a tribe with me – these three ladies didn’t know my story but they accepted me for who I am – #perfectlyimperfect.  To the teachers in DC that covered for me while I was away and made my students their own, I’m forever grateful.  For the family and friends that checked up on me, encouraged me, and remind me daily that this is my path, I’m honored.  And to possibly the most amazing pet sitter I could have – who is loved by both the bulldog and the incredibly finicky cat, I can’t even offer words.

And to everyone — near or far, past; present or future; students and teachers; family and friends — I offer my heart to you – gratitude, in light, and in sheer utter excitement for the moments our paths will cross and we can look each other in the eyes and say “Aho!”