As is my habit, I set my monthly intention this morning as I ate my breakfast.  Sounds sexy, huh?  Intentions for me allow me to project myself out a day/week/month and see who I want to be at the end.  Sometimes I’m successful at becoming that person; sometimes I’m not.  But regardless, it’s a step along my path.

I’m doing a Forrest Yoga mentorship and had a conference call with my mentor, Brian Campbell, and the other yoginis in this program.  Brian spoke at length about connecting into our hearts and to be brave.  So as I woke this morning and began my routine, it only made sense the conversation from last night start my month.  And being brave is a new and scary concept for me.

Often times, we see being brave as the hero in the movies.  Bravery isn’t always about fighting and killing the dragons.  There does not always have to be gusto, loud noises, fights, victories, or even adrenaline in a brave moment.

I’m learning that being brave sometimes is a quiet achievement.  It’s when I take a fucking breath, activate my feet, and allow myself just be in the moment.  I’ve learned how to drop (most) shields around my heart and to actually let others peek in, though at this writing, I don’t let them peek long.  And the hardest struggle with bravery we all may face – looking in the mirror and uttering these words: I am enough.

I’m setting out on being braver this month and I’m going to challenge friends, family, and other yogis to do the same.  Hopefully as we all walk together, lending swords when needed, we can step into the person we see in 30 days.

And realize sometimes it’s braver to make a friend of the dragon than to kill it.