As a yoga teacher, I’ve been asked numerous times by countless students, friends, family, and others why I began to teach yoga.  It’s a valid question and every teacher has a story to share.  I think that it’s also beneficial for teachers to check in regularly and answer why we still teach.

I teach because students inspire me every day.   Their inspiration comes in so many different and equally beautiful moments.  It’s the student that is stepping onto their mat for the first time but keeps an open mind and finds her breath.  The student that is afraid of going upside down but for one split second, he pushes the earth away and flies.  The students that make time to get a practice in, because they know how much better the world looks on the other side of the mat.

Teaching yoga is a humbling experience.  There is a wide selection of teachers throughout the city and so many amazing teachers.  I have no words to describe how humble I feel when a student chooses me to guide them in a practice.  And when they come back a second, third, or more times, that feeling increases exponentially.  When a student takes their time rolling up the mat and they are alone with me they offer any kind word about the class – speechless.  Every time.

I teach for the feeling of community and belonging I’m helping to build with fellow students and fellow teachers.  “Mending the Hoop of the People” is a calling that Forrest Yoga teachers have taken on and I’m finding out more every day how belonging to something bigger helps us all take steps on our own journeys.

I have so much to discover.  I still teach because every time I teach or step onto my own mat, I learn.  I grow.  I love having this “job” that allows me to peel off layers and to begin to see myself for who I am – and then to share that person more and more.

I still teach because this is my journey.  And that point when my path meets your path and we help each other out is pure magic.  I teach because there is someone out there that will take one step forward.  And I hope to be at their side cheering for them.