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My teacher Ana Forrest draws from Native American tradition frequently and seeing Beauty – with a CAPITAL B – is something that many of us have lost the ability to do.  Beauty can be anything that grabs your spirit in that moment – the laugh of an infant; a blooming flower; a song that reminds you of…

There is much anger, resentment, hate, pain, and <insert any other negative emotion here> in the world today it’s become heavy.  And so much harder to see the Beauty that surrounds us.  We have Beauty moments every day.  Not kidding.  But we’ve forgotten to appreciate them.  We’ve forgotten what it feels like to our spirits to have our breath taken away in that Beauty way.

As I was walking home from a class this gorgeous morning and taking in all of what the sun was providing, the thought began to roll through my mind – why not seek out my Beauty moments?  Adding the “K” seems like such a small, small thing.  But it’s already had impact on my morning.  I started my laundry at the same time as a neighbor.  What is an obviously manual and tedious task was changed as she and I caught up, shared a few “laundry disaster” stories, and laughed.  While I was seeking Beauty in my interaction with her, she picked up and had a Beauty moment of her own.

I’ll be the first to admit here – this could be challenging.  I deem myself an optimist but seeking out a Beauty moment could be challenging.  Beauty isn’t forced; it happens naturally.  But with heightened awareness, commitment to staying present, and wanting to see/feel the amazing in each of us, Beauty will happen.  Join me in seeking out Beauty and let’s smile.  And feed our Spirits.