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The title of this post may be a trick question.  For me, it comes down not to always having an amazing day (that helps) but to also finding happiness in the little things and every day.  Happiness has been a tough word for me to embrace the past few years.  So much so, I have found ways to sabotage my own path toward happy because I have felt less than worthy.  So. Stupid.  And such a waste of my energy.

After my life took a series of unfortunate events that were outside of my control, I took back the steering wheel with one goal – find my happy.  Three years since I quit my 9-5 office job and embarked; the man I was three years ago was so naive.  I thought my happy would come flooding back to me in a flash.  But what I’ve discovered and am still learning is that happy is choice that I must make daily.

I lift up gratitude daily that I found this deep connection to yoga, that I have been able to teach this passion, and that every day I teach, I gain some knowledge from students.  I honor the fact that I am able to spend time with friends, sometimes playing the sports I love, other times watching sports we love.  I am beyond humbled when students make a break through in a class and share their excitement with me.  Or even when I make a break through in a class and my fellow students share in my “holy shit, did you see that?” moment.

I embrace my happy by finding things every day for which to be grateful.  From Baxter being his charming self to the smell of fresh cut grass to an awesome feeling breeze in my mohawk.  We have two options every day when presented with a moment like that – to rush by and not notice; or to #lookup and take #nothingforgranted.  It’s my hope that more people will begin using the #nothingforgranted as a reminder that happiness is what we make.  And I’m making mine pretty amazing – join me?