I teach a lunch time class at a local gym on Mondays.  I have been so incredibly fortunate to have this class since last September and have grown to know the regulars and their practices.  And I cherish that they put up with me weekly.

My Beauty Report actually occurred yesterday and needs a bit of a back story.  I’m fairly active in various sports – racquetball, dodgeball, softball, and volleyball.  Three weeks ago at the end of season tournament for dodgeball, I strained the tendon on my left hand between my index finger and thumb.  Two weeks ago playing volleyball, I sprained the thumb on my right hand.  This class knew about both injuries.

Cut to yesterday’s class.  As I was talking with students arriving, one student asked the inevitable question – what sports related injury did I have this week?  It was a moment I took in with smile, a nod, and then a story about my new injury (heel of my right foot).

It’s not the injury that’s the Beauty Report.  It’s the interaction, the connection, and the presence of each of us in that moment that is.  We live in this world of texts, tweets,  and other distracting mechanisms.  But my students and I shared five minutes of uninterrupted interaction where we laughed and related with each other.  A lost skill.  But it’s such a powerful skill that when we are touched by it, our hearts light the fuck up.  And that light is so amazingly bright.  Aho.