I canceled my cable TV subscription last fall and haven’t replaced it.  My initial reason for canceling was because I’d gone for a month during my Forrest Yoga training with no TV and I didn’t miss it.  It helps that I’m saving money by not having that bill anymore.

A side effect of no more TV has been an increased awareness in how I interact with people.  I’m more present.  I listen.  I feel for what they feel.  And my “Real housewife” snarkiness has decreased significantly.  I also notice it much more when others are snarky to people.  I call it “Real housewife” ugliness but it’s a common occurrence on “reality” TV shows.  The characters claim to support other people, to lift them up, but the minute they go behind the back (sometimes it’s to the faces), they turn on their so-called friends.

It’s becoming an epidemic where EVERYONE is beginning to treat friends, family, Facebook acquaintances, etc with decreased respect.  Many of us were raised with the phrase “If you can’t say something nice…” but that phrase is completely forgotten in this day and age of zingers, one liners, and “laughs” at the cost of others.  I’m embarrassed to say I’m guilty of this.  But it’s something I’m working on – daily.

Forrest Yoga and Ana’s “Formula for Change” encourage us to do two key things – heal the hoop of the people and to change those habits that most inhibit us.  We are all the people.  We all need healing in some way and snarky one liners do not heal.  In fact, they often either tear down or create more hostility.  Ask yourself – do you want to contribute to lower self esteem or increased hostility in another?

If you don’t, apply the formula for change – when you catch yourself wanting to say something “funny,” don’t.  And then reward yourself for catching yourself.  I’m doing this in my own life and adding one more component – when I catch myself, I do say something.  Uplifting.  Change the dynamic to heal both yourself and heal another.  Because, at the end of the day, we’re all ok.  And the light in me bows and recognizes the light in you.  So let’s all shine.