I cannot lie about this one – today I was in a funk all day long. I didn’t wake up in that mood but as the day progressed, I could feel it coming on stronger and stronger. To the point, I wanted to climb into bed and bury my head in defeat.

Forrest Yoga teaches to breathe into whatever we are feeling. After we get our breath going, we ask our body/mind/emotion “what do you need from me?” Frequently, a resounding spot will cry out for attention; but then there is often no response from anywhere. In those moments, teachers would say to breathe into our heart space. I started my breath up, asked what was needed, kept breathing into my heart, asked again what was needed, and got nothing back. So I kept breathing into my heart thinking eventually the answer will show itself.

Forrest Yoga also teaches us to not be so set in our ways that we cannot accept or be ready for a needed change. It was that lesson that applies to this blog. After spending the day breathing into areas of my heart I thought needed breath, I took a Forrest class. And the focus was on the hips. From the very first hip opener, I realized I had been sending breath and healing to the wrong area of my body. My hips, though they never answered me directly, were begging for attention; more precisely, my left hip but they both got the attention they needed during the 90 minute class.

If I had been set in my ways, stubborn, I would have kept the breath and attention centered around my heart space. If my mind had been closed, I wouldn’t have felt that first “here I am” when my left hip shouted at me. By maintaining and embracing an open mind, I allowed my body to heal my spirit. Which it did. Our minds get in our way so often that we end up not realizing it. We think “I can power through” or go into negative, self destructive patterns. With an open mind, we allow ourselves to feel, to get curious, and to find a way to work with what’s holding us back and take a step forward.