Potential teaching faux pas – I used the same intention for two classes. But it’s a really good one.

I’ve been obsessed with a song lately and haven’t quite figured out why. The song is “Postcards” by James Blunt. I have been listening to it no less than 10 times per day for the past week. It’s catchy, upbeat, but it took me some time to figure out why I couldn’t get enough. And when I did figure it out, it makes perfect sense, matching up with where I am right now.

There is a line that goes like this: “I’m sending a postcard, I don’t care who sees what I’ve said. Or if the whole world knows what’s going on in my head.”

That line has power – sheer, utter, crazy power. It’s putting yourself out there so far, it’s both scary and exciting but who cares? Showing those spaces of ourselves is hard to do, especially when we’ve built up years of shielding. If we let our shields down, how much can we impact the lives of another? If we put it out there, how far and bright will our light shine? Those are the questions I posed to my classes.

Our asana practice on the mat teaches us to breathe into the pose, into the moment, to stay present and feel out the sensations. If we are able to successfully translate that off the mat, we can show a more accurate version of self; the version that we typically hide beneath layers of shielding and the version that we’re most often afraid of ourselves. My challenge, and it’s a personal one for me too, is to let my shields down, to keep my shields down, and to shine.