As yogis, we come to our mat and set an intent – focus on breath; just be in the moment; work with no struggle. These intents often take our practice to another level. We let go from our bad habits to explore a yoga practice that strives to something else.
But how often do we strive to practice intent through life off the mat? Go through your daily rituals. Wake up, possibly coffee, maybe food, shower, work, maybe gym, maybe dinner, possibly hours of endless TV. Where in that schedule do we make time for self improvement? Do you set yourself up for failure or success from the moment you wake up?
My quite mundane mornings go like this typically for the first hour – wake up, neti (cleanse nasal cavities with saline solution), breakfast, walk the bulldog. During breakfast, I write. I jot out my daily ‘to do’ items, carrying over any items that are unfinished from the prior day.
I also set a daily intent. These intents have ranged from laugh a little more to the more serious – stop punishing myself when I’m not perfect. And as intents go, there are days that I’m really successful. And days that I’m not.
As October 1 (BY note: actually the 2nd as I forgot to hit post on this yesterday), I challenged my students today to set a monthly intent and how can they work on achieving that goal every day. That’s the beginning of a daily intent – seeing our destination and figuring out a path to make it happen. Studies have shown that it takes 21 repetitions (or days) to make an effective habit. So ask yourself – where do I want to be as a person on October 31 and what are the steps to get there? Post/share/do the work. Because the person you are now and the person you will be are worth it.