My yogi summer is coming to an end and after completing the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training, I’ve taken some time for myself to explore the cities of London and Paris. I walked around both cities with no pre-planned agenda but to just be in the moment, honor the moment, and see what each city wanted to offer.

What I discovered was that I love both cities immensely and cannot wait until I come back again. But bigger than that, I came to the realization that I have changed for the better and these cities are proof. The “old me” would not have left at 9am each morning and not returned until 4-5pm, only to leave again for dinner. the old me would have been bitter to be traveling alone, paranoid because of the alone, and not looking forward to the next trip.

But that was the way old me. I’ve learned I’m more grounded than I thought I was. Yeah, I still get a bit freaked out in crowds but that didn’t stop me from experiencing; when the panic started to hit, I activated my feet and slowed down my breath. After which, I found another stop on the walking tour. I tried speaking French and failed; some may say I failed at English as well. But that was me, in my moment, loving every breath.