I admit it – I’ve always had some issues with Mondays.  For whatever reason, it signifies the end of the weekend.  That is often where we stop when thinking about Monday.  It isn’t the same with Friday – Friday is seen as the end of the week AND the beginning of the weekend.  Not a bad thing.  Even if we manage to flip Monday on it’s head, we still view it as the start of the work week, not necessarily something positive.

In the practice of yoga, teachers often encourage students to not grow so attached with being able to hold a posture.  Some days headstand is easily within my practice, other days it’s not even close.  But this non-attachment allows us to actually be in the moment and appreciate the moment for what it is.  And that can be transferred to life off the mat as well.  If we are able shift our outlook and hold no attachment to the beginning or the end, we actually see that every day marks the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

This changing of perception doesn’t come naturally or easily.  But just as with yoga, regular practice, preferably daily, can make the shift.  Maybe today you shift a fraction of a millimeter, tomorrow a centimeter; mark those shifts as progress and steps forward.  Be happy that every day you have the chance to change your perception.  And maybe, or maybe not, mark a shift.