I’m currently going through a period of change in my life and while I do not yet know what lies ahead, I know it all starts with a step.  It  can be scary.  It can be big or little.  But it needs to be.  We will never make it to tomorrow if we sit here today.

Yoga teaches us through all of our practices, we’ll never have another moment that is right now again.  Even in the few seconds it took to type that sentence, my moment has changed.  I have changed.  Our futures are based on our pasts and our now.  But we cannot let that define us.  I struggle with that last portion regularly.  We all bring with us our memories and while they may make us stronger, we should not be only those memories.  Infinite possibilities await if we take that first step.

We can practice this setting aside of our prior experiences and building upon them when we come to our mats.  A yoga practice allows us to breathe in the moment, to feel in the moment, and to use that moment to take us forward.  If we remember what chaturanga felt like yesterday, we can begin to make it a habit from which strength comes.  And as our chaturanga arms grow stronger, they become more able and better equipped to push us towards bakasana, flight.  Set both a yoga and a life intention daily – to build upon what we’ve done and to never let our ego get in the way of what we do.