I get it.  That crazy stupid phrase that “breath is life.”  We all quite possibly heard it but what does it mean.

It means from breath, comes life!  Honest.  I’ve been really focused on my breath in my own practice lately and what I’ve found is that if I can slow down my breathing, the posture becomes easy.  If I remember to breathe period, the posture becomes easy.  But why is that?

Because yoga is the uniting, it’s yoking of one aspect of living to another.  More specifically, it’s linking breath to movement.  If you are able to move without breath, zombie.  Ok, not literally but along those lines.  Try running a mile while holding your breath.  While I’ve never attempted it, I’m going to say, it’s tough to do.  But if you’re able to find a slow, steady breath, how much easier does the run go?

Yoga is exactly the same.  If you’re able to breathe from one posture, or one movement into the next, and allow that breath to be your focus, where can you take your practice?  Or better yet, where can your practice take you?  Faster breathing encourages your body to panic.  And there’s no panic in yoga.  But there is in running from zombies.