Why do we practice yoga?  What does it mean to the person on their mat?

Do you come to the mat for a great work out?  That’s easily accomplished with a great Ashtanga class, getting some Vinyasa flow in, or sweating it out with intensity in Forrest.  Yoga also serves a purpose as a stress reliever, mental distraction.  There’s something inherently calming in losing outside thoughts and focusing in on breath, movement, and postures.

The great thing with yoga is there really is not a wrong answer.  But most important is the acknowledgement of why you’re on the mat. It’s that acknowledgment, or intent, that can be greater than we think.  For each of these, the mat has a power – to intensify that reason.  Dedicating your practice to anything amplifies the connection you make with your mat.  And there’s power in that.  We make our mats a safe place, a haven from the outside world.  Set your intention, trust in yourself, trust in your mat, and see what happens.

But what happens if you dedicate your practice to something greater than yourself?  Think sending something out to the universe that would benefit,,,another person.  Wow.  There is a power in that.  Because even if you do not know where your beliefs about the universe guiding us all fall, what if you thought positive things about another person for your entire practice?  And then told them.  Imagine that face.

And know the power of your intention.