Here’s the thing…

Yoga is something different to each of us.  And often, it’s different each time we step on a mat.  Yoga is the uniting of mind, body, and soul.  Every time we step on the mat, one of those takes priority.  The mat can be a great workout, stress relief, or the selfish “me time,” but whatever it is, we have to honor it in that moment.  We have to approach our practice with no judgement – sometimes what we did yesterday is not accessible to us today.  And that’s ok.

I believe that whatever your reason, the time you spend on your mat is sacred.  It should be honored.  I say often to give to the mat that which you don’t need and take back that which you do.  Whether or not you believe in the spiritual connection to the mat, acknowledge that in your life, there are stressors, emotions, and thoughts you don’t need.  What would you replace them with if you could?

Finally, I think yoga should contain fun and fear.  Fun – if you don’t enjoy something, why keep doing it?  And fear – because that is when we learn the most about ourselves; how we can breathe through challenges; and for a moment, find the playful in the moment.